Artist Ed Trask was named the individual who most embodies Richmond and creativity at our first-ever CreativeMornings. It was our privilege to document his inspiring talk at the Glave Kocen Gallery, where he and other local artists are currently showcasing their latest work. Speaking from the heart, Ed talked about the significant role that love plays in art and life, and how he fell in love with being an artist. "For me, the true origins of pure creativity - and this is before any mark is made, before any note is even played, before any design is developed or a concept is conceptualized, anything that happens - we must first fall in love. It’s vital. It’s important." Check out the video below to also hear some original music from his band, Kepone. 

Venue: Glave Kocen Gallery  |  Videography: EVERGIB  |  Photography: Rebecca D'Angelo