In our social media obsessed and tech-driven world, we're used to being dazzled by beautifully curated Instagram feeds and glossy digital experiences. That's why it was so refreshing to have Evrim, Dogu, co-owner of Sub Rosa Bakery, speak about the humble art of baking bread. Born of Turkish parents, Evrim took a detour from a career in education to open a bakery with his sister, and is entirely self taught. Taking a traditional approach, they work directly with farmers to grow varieties of wheat, rye and corn which is stone milled in house and incorporated into their breads and pastries. We live in an age when it is rare to come across something truly real. Because real isn't perfect. It's often ugly with a lot of hard work and long hours. Thanks to pioneers like Evrim, we can hopefully continue to shape a community here of real substance.

Venue: VCUArts Depot  |  Videography: Damien Kincannon  |  Photography: Amar Talwar